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WE OFTEN HEARD THIS TERM used to describe the Caribbean during the Cuban-USA crisis of the 60’s. it meant that, in a physical sense, the Caribbean, though not a part of USA, still made them vulnerable. The proximity of the Caribbean to the USA meant that a missile from any Caribbean island could still land on the mainland and create havoc there.

During these times, therefore, USA kept an eagle eye on every island of the Caribbean to ensure that its military plans in relation to Cuba and communism were not thwarted. This is why there was so much ‘push back’ during the Maurice Bishop regime and to any other leader that showed’ Castro-love’.

We are fervently grateful to the COVID-19 Task Force for the painstaking care they have exercised to ensure that we have kept the virus at bay thus far, but we are aware that there are some areas over which they have little or no control; these are the areas which will make us vulnerable and can be described as our ‘soft underbelly’.

It is to do with COMPLIANCE and every national or resident could become a part of the ‘soft underbelly’ which will exist when we open our borders come October 31st, 2020. If we do not wear masks; if we do not practice social distancing; if we do not repeatedly wash our hands; if we do not repeatedly sanitize surfaces that are touched by many; if we are not doing these things, we are part of the ‘soft under belly’ that will ruin our federation, that will make all our economic successes and carefully crafted regulations and vast amount of training all go for naught.

So why do some people in our federation fail to comply? To put it simply, it is because their egos are bigger than their religion or spirituality. It could be because their politics make them want to oppose everything that comes from the other side. It may be because their hunger for enjoyment overrides any sense of impending danger. Maybe the youth mistakenly have a sense of their own immortality. Maybe they prefer to ‘downplay’ the coronavirus and are unaware as the little girl in the advertisement says…that “coronavirus is bad”. Could it be that they do not make themselves their brothers’ keeper and the Golden Rule (Do unto others etc.,) means nothing to them although it is part of every religion and regarded as a universal law?

OR could it be that we have been ‘tutored’ by some legal non-patriot, who has told us that the Government cannot encroach on our human rights.
This week, there was one ‘white-clad’ character in Basseterre vociferously arguing that he will take the Government to Court if it tried to take away his human right not to wear a mask.
A chain is as strong as its weakest link.

This is why many are still apprehensive about what opening our borders will bring. Many are still irritated and impatient and blame the government for preventing them from leading a ’normal’ life. The government did not create the pandemic. The whole planet has been derailed by it. Grow Up. Please!
Please allow the “better angels of our nature” to dominate during this crucial period. (Quote attributed to Abraham Lincoln)

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