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The Dr. Denzil Douglas led Opposition St.Kitts-Nevis Labour Party has rejected the TWO TERM LIMITS legislation that was tabled by the ruling Prime Minister Dr. Hon. Timothy Harris led Team Unity Government. The Opposition party thwarted the plans to legislate the Good Governance  bill when they failed to show up to the vote which would’ve made the TWO TERM LIMIT the Law of the Land with a 2/3rds Vote in Favour of the legislation. The government holds 7 of the 11 seats in parlimanet . All voted in favour but none of the Opposition MPs were present to give their vote.

The move by the Opposition has come in for widespread condemnation as the proposed amnedment  to limit the tenure of Prime Minister to no more than two terms is once that is widely supported by the vast majority of residents and citizens.  The measure would’ve enhanced democracy and the Good Governance Agenda of the Country.

“What we have here are people who continue to pay lip service to good governance but when the opportunity comes to stand up and be counted, they shy away,” said Minister of Foreign Affairs and Nevis Premier the Hon. Mark Brantley.
The Team Unity-led administration identified amendments to the term limits for the holder of the Office of Prime Minister as a fundamental aspect of the good governance agenda which it continues to promote.
“We, who happen at this point in our history to be members of this Honourable House, have been presented with an opportunity here to do the right thing. It doesn’t matter which side has sought to bring this legislation, the question we must each ask ourselves is that is it the right thing to do? And if the answer to that question is yes, then it matters little who brought the legislation to the Parliament because all of us should be invested in creating a better democracy for St. Kitts and Nevis,” Premier Brantley said during his contribution to the debate on Thursday (November 28).
The Foreign Affairs Minister  said what the Government is attempting to do by limiting the tenure of the Office of the Prime Minister is not a new idea. He added, “What we are seeking to do here has been done elsewhere and has been perceived in those countries where it has happened as an important check, an important balance, an important provision as part and parcel of the good governance agenda.”

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