St.Kitts Nevis Elections Supervisor: Integrity Of Computer System Sound

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Written by LK Hewlett 

St Kitts and Nevis (WINN): With the investigation into alleged breaches of the computer system at the electoral office during the 2015 federal election still ongoing, Supervisor of Election Elvin Bailey has given the assurance ahead of the December 18 Nevis local elections that the integrity of the system is sound.
The Supervisor of Elections, Elvin Bailey, in an interview with WINN FM said “Interestingly, we have invited and they responded, the supplier of the equipment Fujitsu to come in and do a health and integrity check. I just had a sit down with the gentleman who is here, and he has assured me that the integrity of the system is very good, the database has not been compromised, there have been no breaches and that everything that is in order. Being that technology is advancing daily, there is room for improvement, but what we have is adequate to conduct a free and fair, one man, one vote in the right place, elections.

“I just need to say to you though that in reference to the equipment you asked about, the gentleman who is here has indicated that that company has done work of this nature in several areas in the region and internationally and for them therefore to come at such short notice to do a health and integrity check of our system, he worked last night, he’s working today, he’s satisfied that as I said the health and integrity of the system is intact.”
As all eyes turn to Nevis in the run-up to election day, the Election Supervisor said the office will do everything possible to ensure a free and fair polling process. He spoke to issues such as objections and transfers, party concerns, and public education.

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