St. Kitts Marine Works vessel in Caribbean Sea

By: Staff Reporter,

BASSETERRE, St. Kitts – THE adverse weather condition, which has been affecting the Federation over the last several days, is being blamed for a vessel that partially sank inn the Caribbean Sea in the vicinity of the Frigate Bay Strip, where beach restoration is ongoing.

The vessel, which belongs to St. Kitts Marine Works, reportedly took in water in the wee hours of Saturday (June 5), and CEO Regiwell Francis is making effort to have it removed.
In an interview with WINN FM, Francis explained that the dredge or vessel was anchored in the sea by two spuds or sea nails, and the rough sea overnight Saturday caused the right side to break, leading to the vessel taking in water.

“Luckily it is shallow waters, and so the dredge is sitting at the bottom right now,” Francis indicated.

Addressing the issue of fuel, the CEO Francis noted that there are two fuel cells onboard the vessel and they were immediately shut off when the incident occurred, and an assessment was made to determine what happened and how it did.

He noted that in order to move the vessel, a number of flotation devices would be used to ensure that the water within is removed so it could be towed to the dockyard in New Guinea.

“As soon as we get it up we will flush the engines, put new fuel cells in temporary tanks, and then we will be able to start the engine right there,” added Francis.

The dredge was carrying out work just offshore the Frigate By Strip as part of the Government’s beach nourishment project, which began late last year.

That project is to the tune of EC$6M and is expected to be completed very soon. 

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