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By: Dr. Charles Warner,

All sensible citizens are in shock and shame. How could Dr. Denzil Douglas condemn, see as a waste, the expenditure on crime fighting. Dr. Douglas said that it is a waste of money to buy drones and cameras in the effort to fight crime.

Among those in deep shock and shame are the more analytical and those of better memory. Dr. Douglas is the one who in 2010 glorified technology to the extent of insulting all citizens of St. Kitts and Nevis.

Dr. Douglas told the people that he could be in any nook or cranny of the world and run St. Kitts and Nevis via his Blackberry phone. Yet he now wants to deem the spending and efficiency of the drones and cameras as a waste.

Dr. Douglas’s condemnation is just another of the reckless utterances he is known for and to which his followers cling. What Denzil Douglas is effectively saying is that the spending of money in an effort to protect the citizens is useless, a waste of money.

It is very bitter to hear Dr. Douglas speaking about wastage of money. The present government is not wasting money but faced with a burden or legacy of Douglasism, ie allowing crime to get out of control. Dr. Harris’s government is trying in every way, doing all it can to bring safety to the people.

Every penny of the $70 million set out in the last Budget is worth spending to protect the people. While Denzil Douglas told the people – as Minister of National Security – that he took no responsibility for crime, Dr. Harris, in the same portfolio is accepting the responsibility and providing the resources.

Who is Denzil Douglas to make such statements: He possibly is more qualified – based on his record – to speak about wastage. The case of La Vallee is a typical case of Dr. Douglas wasting money. Over 250 million dollars spent and gone with the wind. The money for the fence alone could have provided all the drones and cameras. Do not bother to mention the generator and desalination plant.

The arch at Camps at the end of the bypass road and the upper section of the football stand are to be considered, not to be forgotten. It is sad that the same people paid to build the upper section were the same people paid to remove it. It is now an eye sore in the park. Dr. Douglas was the king of wastage, squander and foolish spending.

The Unity government will have to spend money to fight crime. The situation is the legacy of Douglasism. One fact to be noted is that up to today it is clear that Douglasism still puts its backing behind the criminals. Dr. Douglas not only condemns the spending on crime surveillance, but is very upset about the entry of the RSS. Upset, even though the bad boys are being pushed on the back foot.

Clearly, it can only be deduced – that Dr. Douglas and the Douglasistes like the shedding of blood and the continued threat to social and economic stability.

Both the personnel and infrastructure as it relates to the services were demoralized and allow to decay with Dr. Douglas as Minister of National Security. Money was wasted to the point where the State could not provide fuel for the Coast Guard vessels to be taken to safety. Prior to a pending storm they were beached at Friar’s Bay at the mercy of the weather. For their safety the crew had to abandon the vessels which were not provided with the requisite fuel to sail the vessels to safety.

Police stations went into decay and rats were soiling water and food supplies. Mosquitoes and cockroaches were walking over the police as they slept. When they complained Dr. Douglas promised the men and women a violent confrontation.

Dr. Douglas’ comments are showing his fossilized nature, that he is a relic of lost relevance. Since he used his blackberry the technological advancements have soared. Maybe he is halted at the Blackberry stage, aka arrested development. Those are the tools in use in the modern effort against crime.

It thus can be concluded that the fossil which wished to lead St. Kitts and Nevis again will cut the present Budget for crime. This makes a dangerous man even more a threat to the State. He is not a patriot and does not seem to understand that crime will/can destroy the economy if allowed to continue.

A depressed economy breeds poverty which is linked to more crime. A vicious and expanding process. Unlike Dr. Harris and the members of the Team Unity, Dr Douglas and his peons show no love for country, only the love for power.

There can be no other conclusion but that Dr. Douglas statement is that of Dr. Drew, Marcella Liburd, Konris Maynard, Steve Wrensford, Mr. Hanley, et al – none of whom has contradicted or condemned the statement.

If is this the SKNLP’s position that the expenditure of money for fighting crime is wasteful, they will clearly cut the Budget on crime. The present crime problem is the making of Douglasism and the Douglasites. The Unity government is making every effort to protect the people but the SKNLP gives no support, has no wish to see the people safe.

A party which shows no care for the people’s safety does not deserve the vote of the people. It is not fit to lead the State.

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