Chairman Of The Antigua & Barbuda Hotel Tourism Association, Mr. Vernon A. Jeffers Snr stated, “In imposing this mandate, our membership is not aware that we are infringing on any persons right. We and our membership are not aware of the right not to be vaccinated. Nor are we aware of any law that can prevent us from imposing a restriction on those who may enter our premises. In fact, we are certain that as it is our premises, we have the right to insist who may enter and who may not. This right we may exercise so long as we do not discriminate by reason of political affiliation, religious conviction, and ethnicity or race. We are confident that we are not so discriminating. We are excluding those persons who pose an unacceptable risk to others if allowed on the premises; Those being unvaccinated persons. We believe this and have been assured it is our Constitutional right so to do.”

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