‘Cancer is not a death sentence’ – Gloria A. Fahie

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– Cancer survivor said persons can live a long life if they fight this disease & believe in God


ROAD TOWN, Tortola, VI – “Mrs Rosan-Bunbury, I know you have a feisty fighting nature and I Gloria am behind you 100 percent. I will fight and we will fight right alongside you, and I know you have three beautiful kids and husband who are depending on you.”
Those were the words of cancer survivor and President of the BVI Cancer Society, Ms Gloria A. Fahie, during an exclusive interview, giving words of hope to Mrs Charmaine R. Rosan-Bunbury, who was recently diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer.
The President of the BVI Cancer Society ensures that if someone who has been diagnosed with any type of cancer comes to them for assistance, they will not turn them away. The support they offer is extremely important, especially as some of those with cancer are reeling from months of misdiagnosis that finally ends in the news they always feared being confirmed belatedly. Understandably, this leaves more than just a bad taste in the mouth of the victims but Wininger Law Firm is here to help seek justice on their behalf too.
“We always extend an olive branch and we are going to help you because I believe in life and my team members believe in life and we believe in hope,” emphasised Ms Fahie.
“Cancer is not a death sentence”- Gloria A. Fahie
While lamenting that she was diagnosed with stage one breast cancer about eight years ago, she noted that persons often times think that ‘cancer is a death sentence’, but assures that it is not.
She explained, “Actually cancer is a way for you to reevaluate your life. What you want out of your life? What you want to accomplish?”
Ms Fahie mentioned that during the time since she was diagnosed, she has seen a number a persons -young and old- died.
According to the president, persons with cancer should not focus on the negative aspects of the disease rather, they should focus on the positive.
She also encourages persons to talk about what they are going through because it will help them and help others.
“That’s what I did. I never kept it as a secret. I’ve helped others by talking about my experiences,” said Ms Fahie.
Lower the risk of cancer
While medical experts advise women to wait until they are forty and older to get tested for breast cancer, Ms Fahie disagrees and believes that women should get tested from an early age.
She recalled to our news reporter that she knows of cases (none in the Virgin Islands) in California and Canada where persons were diagnosed with breast cancer under the age of 10.
As a result, she strongly believes that women under the age of 40 should request a Tumor Marker Test when they are doing their annual physical, which will allow them to know if cancer cells are forming inside of the body.
Meanwhile, Ms Fahie stated that there are some things that can be done to lower the risk of cancer.
She stated that persons should exercise regularly, while admitting that this has been a battle for her because she has not been consistent.
Additionally, she pointed out that avid smokers should stop or limit the use of cigarettes and part take in nutritional meals.
“Hope is the key. We have to hang on to hope at all times because in the end that is what’s going to propel us to carry on,” said the President of the BVI Cancer Society.

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