Assassins Murder Nevisian Man In Home

By LK Hewlett, StKitts-Nevis Oberver
Before morning had cleared in Nevis, police responded to a deadly home invasion in the Mount Lily area.

Police are investigating the circumstances that led to the death of Wayne Ferlance, 38.

Police were called in shortly after the incident which occurred around 4am (May 18). Police report that Ferlance was at home with his pregnant girlfriend and a baby when there was a knock at the door saying “Police!”

About 4 men reportedly dressed in dark clothing and wearing masks, then broke into the home. They went towards the bedroom where Ferlance was and as he exited the room, shot him several times before exiting the home.

Police Superintendent Hilroy Brandy informed The Observer that when police arrived on the scene, Ferlance was taking his last breath.

The victim, who had been deported from the US a number of years ago, had been shot in the face last February during an altercation at Enrique’s Bar. A police source revealed that the same residence had been “shot up twice before” in attempts to kill Ferlance.

This morning’s killing brings the murder total to 15 for the Federation for 2015; 10 on St. Kitts and 5 on Nevis.

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