Aruba Makes Big Move To Protect Timeshare Industry

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Ursell Ardens President of the Aruba Timeshare Association




Aruba has placed a moratorium on new construction and privatized its tourism authority both measures geared at preserving its valuable timeshare industry.

Ursell Ardens President of the Aruba Timeshare Association says the island was becoming too overwhelmed with visitors.

Aruba attracts on average over 1.1 million stay over visitors a year and a large portion of this is are timeshare owners.

Ardens says the moratorium will help ensure that the experience for its loyal timeshare visitors is not adversely impacted.

Timeshare contributes 20 per cent of the Gross Domestic Product of Aruba according to a study conducted by the Univerity of Arbuda.

“We don’t want our timeshare visitors going to be beach and can’t find a space,” Ardens said.

He indicated that there is also an environmental reason for the moratorium. 

He indicated that privatization has helped to remove political involvement in the development of tourism and allows professionals to manage the industry.

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