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Ex-St.Kitts-Nevis Prime Minister Dr. Denzil Douglas

(United Arab Emirates) The cradle of CIPs, St.Kitts-Nevis  is set to vote this year , although a specific date has not been called. Given CBI’s outsize role in the country’s economy, it would take a brave politician to question its right to life. Yet, if the CIP arises as a political issue, although not warranted  the opposition will likely try to cause scandal by pointing propoganda to government incompetence in its management of the program. As it stands, this is exactly what opposition leader Dr. Denzil L. Douglas is doing. This has been a tough sell however as it can be credibly argued that the management of the programme in St.Kitts-Nevis is currently at its best . The Dr. Hon. Timothy Harris Team Unity administration  have made tremendous strides in resuscitating and revamping the programme after it’s significant fall from grace in 2014 when the programme and the leadership of then Prime Minister Dr. Denzil Douglas was plagued by scandal after scandal

In the lead-up to this year’s election, even the unlikely prospect of a Douglas victory is sure to make new CIP citizens nervous due. In his last 2 years as PM from 2013 and 2014 Douglas and the management of the programmes was heavily criticised Internationally , particularly by the US and Canada who both raised official concerns regarding his management. This happened during a period when scandal after scandal after scandal  swept through the nation’s CIP which subsequently played a major role in his ouster as Prime Minister after a 20 year rule. The US and Canada were not happy with his leadership of the programme. Their dissatisfaction was so much that the US issued a FINCEN advisory regarding the poor management of the programme and Canada took the drastic step of removing the visa waiver long enjoyed by SKN Citizens. The US also went a step further and revoked the US Visa of then Prime Minister Douglas in Janaury 2015 just one month before he was voted out of office. He remains without a US Visa up to this day despite several attempts to regain possession.

Dr. Douglas continues to be plagued by International scandals as recent UK Reports indicated that the Ex-Prime Minister was stopped with over £70,000 in cash at UK’s Gatwick airport. He is currently under investigation for the find by the UK Crime Agency .

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