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His Excellency Ambassador Ian Patches Liburd over the last week convened a historic summit of leaders representing various St.Kitts-Nevis groups in the Diaspora based in the Northeast USA in particular the NYC Tri-State area.

Representatives of the groups in attendance were Mr. Larry John and Mr. Pelham Warner of the St Kitts Soccer Graduates; Ms Bernie Callender of the St Kitts-Nevis Cultural Association Inc.; Ms Margaret Robinson and Mr. Eugene Francis of the Kittitian American Benevolent Association; Mr. Terrance Williams and Ms Paulette Mills-Smithen of the Sandy Point Benevolent Society; Ms Glenis Belgrove of the Green Valley Global; also Mr. Keith Harris of the New York St Peter’s Alumni and Friends.

Others were able to join the historic meeting virtually. Chief Diaspora Officer Alva Pemberton led the organization of the event as he has been a strong advocate for the Diaspora community not only in the Tri-State Area but throughout the Eastern United States. He was ably assisted by Ms Yvette Mc Koy.

His Excellency Liburd commended the leaders of the various SKN Groups for their work in developing the SKN Community in the Diaspora and also lauded their presence at the meeting which is essentially the first serious and concerted effort to begiñ meaningful enhancement and development of St.Kitts-Nevis nationals in the Diaspora and within the federation

” I would like to take the time to thank our St Kitts and Nevis Diaspora Community for stepping up and stepping out so gracefully and accepting the challenges for volunteering their time and expertise towards making our Consulate Division of our Permanent Mission in New York more efficient ,” stated Ambassador Liburd

The Permanent St.Kitts-Nevis Representative to the UN continued “I would also like to thank these leaders of several different Diaspora Committees in the 5 Boroughs, also in the Tri-State Areas for their amazing generosity and dedication through out the past years.

I look forward to implementing the projects we spoke about and believe that with their involvement and expertise it will be a productive year and there will be successful years to come.”

“These volunteers from our Diaspora Community are an essential part of our Consulate. Everyone I have met during my few months here as your Permanent Representative has told me that they would like a chance to give back to their communities in St Kitts and Nevis. They desire to develop new skills, and teach people (especially our Youth) with similar interests the crafts and trades they have obtained from abroad (and some from home) and what they learnt and excelled in while here in the diaspora,” said Ambassador Liburd

Ambassasor Liburd continued “The main reason I heard from these leaders for their participation in our meeting is for the Love of their Country, but no matter what the reasons are these Diaspora-Volunteers are deciding to give up time from their busy lives to support our Country, their homeland. Oftentimes, they are also our driving force, and biggest donors and advocates thus I am happy that they stand ready for this mission.”

In the coming weeks Chief Diaspora Officer Mr. Alva Pemberton along with Ms Mc Coy will be putting out potential projects from the lead organizers of these groups that will showcase events, workshops, distribution organizing, volunteer hosted events live and virtually through ZOOM. As Head of the Diaspora Office Mr. Pemberton feels that this will allow more Kittitians and Nevisians to be able to reach supporters and plan more events than the original organizers could have done on their own.

“I am grateful for this opportunity and I know that the ambitious attitude of these two individuals will help to maintain close relationships with all of you from St Kitts and Nevis and this can potentially help our Mission to diversify and expand worldwide. Thank you so much Alva and Yvette for the continuing hard work,” concluded Ambassador Liburd

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