ABC’s Robin Roberts to be featured Presenter at Petula Skeete’s Women’s Empowerment Forum #beautyfull at Four Season’s Resort on Nevis

“If you look closely at a tree you’ll notice its knots and dead branches, just like our bodies. What we learn is that beauty and imperfection go together wonderfully.” (Matthew Fox)

In this generation, there can be so many stifled interpretations and tunnel vision in regard to what individuals consider beautiful. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!” Petula Skeete, a proud Nevisian cosmetologist for more than 20

Petula Skeete

Petula Skeete

years, will be embarking on a journey that seeks to empower women to remain and feel #beautyFull. Petula describes #beautyFull as “a customized look or feeling that varies from person to person.” This journey will be crowned in the form of a conference where Petula will be teaming up with speakers from of all walks of life who will be sharing their own #beautyFull stories, explaining how they were transformed by their experiences. Robin Roberts of ABC’s “Good Morning America” will be the keynote speaker, sharing how she stayed #beautyFull against all odds. In addition, world-renowned stylists will hold tutorials on hair and makeup, and share their personal stories. This conference is the platform in which Petula is determined to empower hundreds of women in St Kitts and Nevis this summer.

Petula Skeet prepping Robin Roberts for Morning Show appearance

Petula Skeet prepping Robin Roberts for Morning Show appearance

When asked why she thinks this event is one that shouldn’t be missed, she passionately expressed, “I was inspired to do this event to discuss the scars that I carried for the first 20 years of my life, wondering what true beauty is.” She is anxious and hopeful that this experience will encourage women like herself to feel liberated from mainstream concepts of beauty and self-image. “Most of all, this event would seek to unleash their inner beauty and help them realize that the only person who can validate you is you,” she added. On July 3, 2016, The Four Seasons Hotel, which happens to be the backyard of where Petula grew up, will come alive with inspirational and uplifting activities designed to mentally transform all in attendance.

Announcing Women Empowerment will always play like sweet lyrics to the ear, but taking the initiative to work toward being what it actually stands for is a totally different ball game, which is is exactly what Petula continues to do. Aside from making people beautiful on the outside, Petula assists with a breast cancer organization on a specific mission to donate special bras to women in the Caribbean who have been affected by the disease. It’s an effort to make them feel completely #beautyFull. Petula uses her creativity and drive to cater to all women to ensure that others can

Robin Roberts and Petula Skeete

Robin Roberts and Petula Skeete

benefit from the experiences she’s had over the years that contributed significantly to her being the elegant, motivated, successful woman she is today. These are the characteristics of a genuine soul giving back to the community. That is reason enough to motivate anyone to make a special effort to attend. Petula promises to make the conference one to remember as Robin Roberts and her “Good Morning America” beauty team is known to NOT disappoint when it comes to audience satisfaction. The only way for you to be a part of this #beautyFull campaign and become a believer is to leave all excuses behind and join them at The Four Seasons on July 3rd.


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  1. Beautiful!!
    What a great article,and you Petula are Blessed and Wonderful. Stay Fabulous. Sincerely Pecola Pointer

  2. I am totally inspired by this woman and this article. Ms. Petula, thank you for what you are doing for women of color. What a beautyFull inspiration you are to so many people.

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