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The Peoples Labour Party (PLP) celebrates International Day for People of African
Descent, being recognised for the first time today Tuesday 31st August 2021.
Through this observance the United Nations (UN) aims to promote the
extraordinary contributions of the African diaspora to the human race, and
promotes the elimination of all forms of discrimination against peoples of African
The PLP upholds that All human beings are born free and equal with dignity and
alienable rights, having the potential to contribute constructively to the development
and well-being of humanity. And that any doctrine of racial superiority is
scientifically false, morally condemnable, socially unjust, dangerous and must be
rejected. We will continue to fight together in unity, “until the philosophy that holds
one race inferior and another superior, is finally and permanently discredited and
abandon”. The PLP and the UN strongly condemn the continued violent practices
of excessive force used by law enforcement agencies against our people and
condemn structural racism in any form. We also acknowledge the Transatlantic
Slave Trade and subsequent colonialism as some of the darkest chapters in human
history. Therefore, we continue to champion for restorative justice for our ancestors
and their descendants, to ensure their equitable right for economic, political and
social advancement to the benefit of the human race.
Prime Minister and Political Leader of the PLP, Dr. Hon. Timothy S. Harris, asks
that our Nation, our Region and those of us in the Diaspora, continue to be proud
of our heritage and legacy. We must pass on this rich, strong legacy to our future
generations so that we never forget, ensuring that the past will never happen again in
any form.
Happy International Day of recognition to all our people of African Descent world

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