The “LANMITYÉ” music, to discover !!

Presse Release -29/06/2021

from Guadeloupe, Eric DELBLOND, alias “Blue Bass” celebrates friendship with his new Gtle
Eric Delblond is a bassist and also a composer. For these summer holidays 2021, he released an EP whose theme is close to his heart “Lanmityé”.
For this project, he surrounded himself with a team of talents who share values that are dear to him.

  • Two of the most beau/ful guadeloupéen voices have thus been brought together: Leedyah
    BARLAGNE and Meemee NELZY. Leedyah and Meemee, accomplices on the scene, have also and above all been friends for 15 years. It was therefore natural that these two sumptuous voices sing and carry the values of “LANMITYÉ”.
  • Yoann DANIER, emeritus drummer, once again confirms his great quality as an arranger. Thanks to his sensi/vity, finesse and aesthe/cs, Yoann sublimates the /tle. * From concep/on to postproduc/on Elodie PAUL has been chosen to sign today with originality and delicacy the video clip of « LANMITYÉ”.
    Videoclip on YOUTUBE =>
    Download the music to your playlist => hUps://
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Eric DELBLOND: songwriter, composer, bass
Leeddyah BARLAGNE & Meemee NELZY Vocal leads
Yoann DANIER: drums, arranger
Alex DEAZ: Saxophone
Josiah WOODSON: Trumpet
Thierry GIRARD: Mixing
Daniel TREPY: Mastering VIDEO CLIP:
Elodie PAUL: Direc/on, framing and post-produc/on
Caroline TICHY: Makeup
Naïza RIPPON: Assistant
Linda FULRAD: Assistant
Lydia Paul: Chorégrapher

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