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Basseterre, St.Kitts (December 27th, 2017):- The St.Kitts-Nevis Prime Minister Dr. Timothy Harris led Tri-Party alliance , Team UNITY, are focusing on a Clean Sweep Election Campaign landslide victory come the 2020 elections. The ruling Team UNITY Alliance administration which comprises three major parties including Nevis’ CCM along with the PAM and PLP from St.Kitts , are poised to be the only coalition group to hold such a significant majority in the history of SKN Parliamentary Politics with a 10-1 or possible ALL 11 seat victory. The recent rejection of the Opposition SKNLP/NRP Alliance by the Nevis electorate in the local NIA elections has enhanced the very great possibility of the unprecedented 10-1 Seat Majority . In some circles a possible ALL 11 seats is even being thrown around as a possibility . The Team UNITY Currently holds a 7-4 majority in the federal parliament. The 10-1 or ALL 11 possibility is further enhanced when the Electoral Commission launches a new electoral reform exercise which will see significant changes that may come in the form of a enumeration programme or some other exercise that will sanitize the list in an effort to ensure everyone that is eligible are properly and correctly registered. Any electoral reform exercise to enhance the electoral process and system in the federation would likely favour Team UNITY as it has been long contended that in any sanitized or enhanced voters list the years of the Labour Party manipulated system will be eliminated and thus create a much more level playing field. This would heavily favour the incumbent Team UNITY.
Upcoming major projects such as the 2nd Cruise Pier, the NEW Basseterre High School, the construction of another 150 plus homes through the NHC’s Unity Housing Scheme, and the start of construction of a number of Private Sector Hotel Projects will no doubt boost economic activity over the next few years ensuring St.Kitts-Nevis current status as the leading country in the ECCU in terms of economic growth. The continued economic growth will see the already record high Job Numbers soar even more and the record high new business registrations will see the further expansion of the middle class and small to medium sized businesses. All of which will be the major component of the engine of growth of the federation. By the time the next elections come around the engine will be in full gear and running smoothly. Thus ensuring Team UNITY the ideal platform from which to speak from come the next elections. That platform would be the platform of PROSPERITY ACHIEVED , GREATER PROSPERITY BEING PURSUED.
The introduction of the first ever Universal Healthcare Insurance Scheme will also be a major campaign promise fulfilled and an initiative that would benefit all directly. It will no doubt be major highlight of the Team UNITY administration first term record. A highlight and fulfilled promise that ALL will find appealing .
The Team UNITY Administration has taken more than it’s share of criticism over the first two years in office. However the administration is listening and over time has systematically and is systematically addressing the issues one by one. Continuing on this path would make a clean sweep not just a possibility but an assurity.

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