Team UNITY Opposition COALITION AHEAD BY 43 VOTES according to Guyana Electoral Commission Count . Final Results Due Today

Opposition Alliance APNU-AFC Coalition Pre-Election Rally was described as the largest in Guyanese History

Opposition Alliance APNU-AFC Coalition Pre-Election Rally was described as the largest in Guyanese History

(Thursday May 14th 2015 )Guyana’s APNU+AFC Opposition coalition also called the Team UNITY Opposition Alliance is leading the ruling People’s Progressive Party in the first preliminary report released by the Guyana elections Commission late Wednesday by a small margin.

According the GECOM’s stats, the opposition coalition has amassed a total of 157, 347 in the general elections while the PPP Civic votes total 157, 304 after a total of 1809 polling stations have been counted from a total of 2299.

The Chief Elections Officer Kieth Lowenfield and the Chairman Dr. Steve Surujbally has assured that tabulation of all votes will be completed overnight and a declaration will be made tomorrow morning.

This assurance has been made even as it is contemplating a recount of votes in all ten districts at the request of the ruling PPP. Already recounts have been completed in Districts one and two.

GECOM still has to count the votes of 409 polling places with a majority of polling places in District Four still outstanding.

All polling stations in District Eight and Ten have been completed while an outstanding amount of polling stations still needs to be tallied in District Four.

This is despite the Commission announcing on Tuesday that it had received all Statements of Polls in District Four from Monday’s elections.

Meanwhile, in the regional elections the Coalition is trailing behind the ruling party after a total of 1753 have been counted.

The APNU+AFC has a total of 146, 250 while the ruling PPP has 146, 806.

Counting again was completed in Districts eight and ten with the ruling party winning District eight and the coalition winning District ten.

Again significant amounts of votes are left to be counted in District four.

The CEO will be meeting with Returning Officers in the other Districts to conclude whether a recount will be done.

The APNU+AFC had requested that the recount be halted and the official declaration of results made at the soonest possible time.

The opposition Team UNITY Alliance has already claimed victory.

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