St.Lucia Opposition Party Leader Calls for Resignation of Invest St.Lucia CEO McHale Andrew

Invest St.Lucia CEO McHale Andrew
Invest St.Lucia CEO McHale Andrew

Invest St.Lucia CEO McHale Andrew

The leader of the Lucian People’s Movement (LPM), Therold Prudent, has called for the resignation of Mr. McHale Andrew, the chief executive officer (CEO) of Invest St. Lucia. Prudent’s reaction comes in the wake of recent statements made by Mr. Andrew on the Lambirds affair in his efforts to allay public suspicion that our government may not have acted with due diligence prior to issuing a trade licence to the proprietors of Lambirds. According to the LPM leader, “When the CEO of a state-funded organisation seems more interested in acting as a political operative/public relations guru on behalf of the government of St. Lucia than in transforming Invest St. Lucia into a relevant engine that is capable of driving our national development goals, then you finally get a clear picture of how complicated and problematic this whole Lambirds issue really is.” In this regard, there can be little or no public confidence in the activities of Invest St. Lucia if the overarching goal of its CEO is to engage in  publicity stunts aimed at diverting public focus from the government’s possible mishandling of this Lambirds debacle. Mr. Andrew’s job is to correct the deficiencies which currently exist within his organisation and which have made St. Lucia unattractive to foreign investors. The LPM is, therefore, imploring him to either devise new and effective strategies that are capable of delivering upon the longstanding promise of bringing tangible investments and high-paying jobs to our shores or to make way for able bodies whose only focus is the development of our country.

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