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The St.Kitts Nevis opposition Labour Party have been caught red-handed in spreading fake news.

Earlier on Wednesday February 5th the Labour Party leader Denzil Douglas posted a video which appeared to be voiced by a reporter by the name of David O’Leary.

The video sort to discredit the recent poll undertaken by Peter Wickham which showed clear public favorability for the ruling Prime Minister Dr. Hon. Timothy Harris-led Team Unity government .

However, an investigation can reveal that both the reporter David O’Leary and his voice are fake and computer generated.

David O’Leary is not just a fake name, he is not a reporter for any news services. In fact he is not real at all. He is totally computer generated. The fake voice was created using voicebooking.com – allowing anyone to make “David O’Leary” say anything.

“This is the level to which the Opposition has stooped?” asked one Political Observer.

The Labour Party video marks a return to the internationally discredited tactics of SCL/Cambridge Analytica with the use of what has become known as “Mind Bending” through the unethical use of social and online media.

In 2010, SCL/Cambridge Analytica were used to frame then Opposition Leader Hon. Lindsay Grant.

They also were associated with Israeli hackers who gained access to sensitive private medical records of the Leader of Team Unity Dr. Hon. Timothy Harris during the lead up to the 2015 Elections in which Dr. Harris’ Team Unity won and he became Prime Minister.

We should not allow this style of politicking to continue in our country. We have seen internationally how this type of politicking has destroyed democracies.

Dr. Denzil Douglas and his Labour party should not be allowed to continue this style of campaigning which has been rejected internationally.

At press time the SKN Labour Party has not responded to the revelation.

See fake news Video Press Release posted on Dr. Denzil Douglas’ facebook by the computer generated reporter David O’Leary –https://www.facebook.com/rthondrdenzildou…/…/217840505913400

See who or what is David O’Leary
Turns out David O’Leary is an online voiceover computer – https://www.voicebooking.com/en/free-voice-over-generator

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