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Ag. Commissioner Hilroy Brandy

The Federation of St.Kitts-Nevis is experiencing more Good News, this time in crime fighting. Since early October 2018  The federation has recorded Zero Homicides. That’s  No Homicides  in approximately the last 3 Months of 2018. According to sources it has  been at least a decade since the country has had  3 straight months without a single  homicide. 
The RSCNPF however are not resting on their laurels and the success in crime fighting experienced over the last few months. They have instead stepped up their crime fighting efforts with the continued support of the government. The Government had been steadfast in their committment to providing the security forces with all the crime fighting resources that they have requested. Except for the well publicised incidents on Jouvert the Christmas Carnival season was largely incident free and peaceful. Police have moved swiftly to deal with the individuals at the  center of a plethora of squirmishes and brawls on Jouvert. The mixture of intoxicating drinks and music seems too much for some to handle on Jouvert thus creating a flurry of incidents. 
Zero Homicides in 3 months is certainly good news. Especially in a country which has not seen this level if success in violent crime fighting in over a decade.
The country recorded its highest single year homicide count ever under the Dr. Denzil  Douglas administration in 2011 when a record of 36 homicides were reported landing the country the dubious distinction of having one of the highest murder rates per capita in the world. 
The business community and NGO community have applauded the heightened level of security in the country. Like most law abiding citizens they commend the government for prioritizing law and order. Late in 2018 the government was also lauded for acceding to the request of the local high command for support from the RSS forces to complement local man power resources. Minister of National Security Prime Minister Dr Hon Timothy Harris again reiterated his governments committment to law and order in his recent new year address to the Nation. Unprecedented financial and other resource support has been provided to the security forces by the Team Unity government over the last 4 years. 

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