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The St.Kitts-Nevis Government have been experiencing a number of digital and social media activities of concern with sources pointing to the Opposition Dr. Denzil Douglas-led SKN Labour Party as the source of the plethora of recent social media anti-government activities.

Over the last few months the government has had to issue a series of releases which spoke to a number of social media accounts that had been created using information of government officials from the Governor-General to the Prime Minister and other Government MPs. Sources within the government have suggested that Email accounts had been hacked similarly to what was revealed recently .  According to recent media reports coming out of London, during the lead up to the 2015 general elections Israeli Cyber Security Hackers and Associates of the SCL/Cambridge Analytica the firm that managed the 2010 and 2015 campaign of the SKN Labour Party had breached the security of the emails and medical records of now Prime Minster Dr. Timothy Harris. With the heightened digital security activity in recent months many are speculating that the Opposition SKN Labour Party and their Associates SCL/Cambridge Analytica are again hard at work in their efforts to bend minds and create instability in the now economically flourishing country.

In recent weeks a website had been created using the same information, design and layout of the popular website. The hugely popular website had been described as a Pro St.kitts-Nevis government Caribbean news site. This label however has not affected the credibility or the popularity of the site which boasts millions of viewers and over 80,000 subscribers . The SKN Opposition Labour Party created the fake site filled with duplicated logo, layout and design of the The SKN Labour generated website is called


The Denzil Douglas discredited Labour Party has remained silent on the reprehensible actions highlighted in the British and International media about the SKN Labour Party 2010 and 2015 Campaign managing firm SCL and Cambridge Analytica and the corrupt invasion of the privacy of our citizens and vagabondry introduced into the body politic of St.Kitts-Nevis according to many reports. Pundits claim that Dr Denzil Douglas should never offer himself for public office given the nefarious nature of the disclosures regarding his brand of politics which is devoid of decency and moral minimum. Meantime Dr. Denzil Douglas will return to Courts later in April to answer to his eligibility to be in parliament given his use of the diplomatic  passport of a foreign state.

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