St.Kitts-Nevis Independence 33 Poem by Edrice Lewis Viechweg

Edrice Lewis Viechweg at OAS SKN Independence Celebrations in Washington, DC.

United, Proud and Free

We are a nation, proud and free,
Citizens of Liamigua and Oualie.
Fertile Land, Land of Beautiful Waters,
Cherished home of our sons and daughters.

Land to which our ancestors were brought,
With blood, sweat and tears, for this land they fought.
They toiled. They died. They sacrificed.
For our freedom, they paid the price,

Monday 19th September, 1983 held sway,
Marking the dawn of a brand new day.
A day filled with hope, love, joy and celebration
The birth of a nation, our new Federation

At the stroke of midnight, jubilation broke out,
The pealing of the bells mixed in with the shouts
Our Anthem was sung and our Flag was raised
Colonial rule had ended. God be praised!

We are a nation, proud and free,
Celebrating our anniversary number thirty three
Forward we go, together we build,
Our dreams and aspirations will never be stilled.

Yes, we’ve had our ups and downs,
But the work continues in our cities and towns.
Our government, and us working together,
Ensuring we remain one people, forever.

Our commitment to our nation must be stressed
Using the skills and talents with which we were blessed
We must use every opportunity to build our community,
“Promoting Prosperity through Sustainability and National Unity”

We are a nation, proud and free,
Masters of our own destiny.
United we stand, together we fight,
Hand in hand for what is right.

“Country Above self, our motto we embrace”.
As working together, our future we face.
The words of our Anthem speak loud and clear.
One nation; our national symbols we must hold dear.

St. Kitts and Nevis, our beloved nation,
The most beautiful of God’s creation.
In peace and posterity may you ever stand,
United and free, our Motherland.

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