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David and Ergen confronted by ST.KITTS-NEVIS Customs Officials

The recent announcement of the development of a Cannabis Industry on St.Kitts by two foreign investors has created widespread outrage and condemnation from citizens on St.Kitts-Nevis. The initial outrage was fuelled by the fact that the investors had seemingly been in talks with Opposition Leader Dr. Denzil Douglas regarding their development of a Canabbis industry unknowing to the public. Citizens were further outrages when David indicated that as a result of a number of meetings with Douglas and others he was set to begin the cultivation of Cannabis and hemp on 300 acres of St.Kitts lands. The outrage was further compounded on Monday when David , along with Opposition Leader Dr. Denzil Douglas and Opposition Candidate Dr. Terrance Drew hosted a Press Conference at the Marriott Hotel seemingly to address the concerns and outrage being expressed by citizens.

The Press Conference however turned out to be by far the most memorable Press Conference probably in the history of St.Kitts-Nevis. The conference opened with a statement by Opposition Leader Dr. Denzil Douglas and then followed by another statement by Opposition Labour Party Candidate Dr. Terrance Drew. Both lent support to the establishment of the Cannabis industry and Drew went further to outline the medical benefits of David’s proposed Cannabis venture and related industries. David , however was no doubt center stage at this debacle. In a profanity-laced presentation David  ranted and raved about alleged meetings he had with local officials and then proceeded to announce that he is considering suing the St.Kitts-Nevis government for his arrest and charge of a number of drug offences related to the St.Kitts customs officials find of quantities of controlled substances and items  on his private jet  as well as the arrest of his business associate Charles Ergen. David was detained at Robert L Bradshaw attempting to import cannabis seeds, seedlings and products according to reports. He was released but later arrested on May 9 on three charges including drug importation, possession and intent to supply.

 Alki David in a press release from globalnewswire stated that he along with Chase Egren have formed a consortium aimed at developing the cannabos business in Eastern Caribbean nations such as St. Kitts-Nevis, Dominica and Antigua. It further indicated that the consortium had it’s first series of meetings with business and government leaders across the region and will be expanding its outreach during the month of May. 

St.Kitts Opposition Leader Dr. Denzil Douglas told media outlets that he had met with the pair and was introduced to David by Chase Egren who is an economic citizen of St.Kitts-Nevis since 2010.

In a video making the social media rounds Dr. Douglas can be seen in a meeting preparing for the Press Conference which was held yesterday. The Meeting included Douglas along with David and his associates as well as media consultants and political strategist ISAAC Newton and UK media specialist Beresford Mack .

Widespread condemnation came from all corners of the society with hundreds taking to social and traditional media to express outrage on the behaviour of the investor and many expressed disappointment at the involvement of Opposition leader Douglas and his party collegaue Labour Candidate Dr. Terrance Drew.

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