St.Kitts Music Label MASSIVE Entertainment Drops Fabian Marley

MASSIVE Entertainment CEO Clayton Massive Thomas with Fabian Marley

MASSIVE Entertainment CEO Clayton Massive Thomas with Fabian Marley

Clayton “MASSIVE” Thomas of St.Kitts Music Label MASSIVE Entertainment has suspended communication with their artiste “Fabian the Truth” formerly Fabian Marley following the results from recently conducted DNA testing . The test stems from the ongoing saga involving the Marley family who have long claimed that Fabian is not the son of Reggar Legend Bob Marley and thus did not recognize Fabian as a Marley. The results revealed that Fabian was in fact NOT a Marley.
According to his former manager and CEO of Massive Entertainment Clayton Thomas Fabian’s failure to accept the DNA result is putting a damper on their musical relationship.
Fabian says there are discrepancies with the DNA results.
Clayton Thomas explained that Fabian Marley’s DNA test reveals a match with a man who is already fathering his other siblings.

Following news that Fabian is NOT a Marley, things has spiraled downhill for the entertainer. His mother and sister have publicly stated that Fabian was not telling the truth.
The entertainer himself has changed his stage name from Fabian Marley to Fabian the Truth but claims his legal name by deed poll will remain Fabian Marley.
Fabian Marley created much controversy when he surfaced some three years ago claiming to be the son of reggae legend Bob Marley and demanded a DNA test to support his claims.

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