Respect Ladies. Respect

We show Respect to the Line of Ladies
who fought for their nation and friends.

Canadians looked to their achievements on ice and gasped each time they would win.
Alone they are mighty and strong, but united this team was a true inspiration.

At a time when Canadians needed a prize, a time to looked into each other’s eye’s andcry out to the “Olympic Gods”with might,this is our game, our way of life.
Each and everyone of you are winners,dreamers, whirl winds on skates.

Your determination was sure and complete.If ever Canadians can stand with the best,this is the time, the place.
Stand before the world and grin, for in a few years when the battles begin again,you will be back in spirit and person,a team of Canadian’s on fire ready to win.
Respect for all. Respect to the Ladies of The North.

Steven KaszabBradford,

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