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UPDATE – 12:45 AM EST Sept. 10th

1. The BVI Airport is up and running accepting relief flights only. A British A400 and C17 plane with 250+ military personnel have arrived.

2. Relief supplies have started to be delivered by British military around the BVI.

3. Evacs of people have begun.

4. Supermarkets have begun re-opening and are operating for limited hours during the day and accepting cash only. Long wait times are to be expected.

5. Petrol stations are re-opening and offering limited supplies with long wait times.

6. A curfew from 6PM to 6AM is still in effect. Everyone is encouraged to stay in their homes and be secure, especially at night.

7. There are ships arriving and planes from PR and many other Caribbean islands and mainland UK.

8. All Sea and Air relief efforts MUST be coordinated through the BVI DDM: Port Purcell is the only place accepting relief by Sea.

9. Evac Information:

10. We ask that you please keep getting the word out to the world media and use the hashtags #helpbvi and #bvistrong in all your posts.


BVI Relief Website:

BVI Safety Check Website:

Homeless Relief Information:

List of updated shelters:

Donation Information:


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