Police Inspector Stripped Of Superintendent Badge After No Records Found To Verify Appointment

Inspector Rosemarie Roberts-Isles

Inspector Rosemarie Roberts-Isles

Inspector of Police Rosemarie Roberts is at the center of a brew storm of controversy surrounding her apparent promotion and now subsequent demotion within the ranks of the Royal St.Christopher and Nevis Police Force.

In November of 2014 Inspector Isles-Roberts was announced as Ag Superintendent and  the head of  The Police Complaints Unit/Office of Professional Standards (OPS) within the Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force (RSCNPF) .

Over the Last few days however social media has been a buzz as relatives of Roberts cried foul as she received a letter which notified her that she should cease wearing the badge of superintendent.

The letter which was delivered to her home by an officer, stated that there is no record or information from the Police Service Commission or the Human Resources Department Office indicating or confirming her appointment to act as Superintendent of Police for ANY period in 2014 or 2015.

The document concluded by indicating to Inspector Roberts that she should cease wearing the badges for the Rank of Superintendent of Police with effect from 8:00 hrs on Friday 6th MARCH 2015.

Former Commissioner of Police CG Walwyn defended her appointment as Ag Superintendent and declared that she was more than qualified for the position to which she was appointed. During an interview on Freedom FM Walwyn went on to suggest that Roberts apparent demotion or reinstatement as Inspector was an example of victimization by the new Team UNITY government.

The letter was sent to Ms Roberts by the RSCNPF and copied to the Prime Minister, Attrney General, PS in National Security, the Police Sevice Commission and other key officials of the Police Hierachy.

The letter suggests that the decision taken to strip Roberts of the Superintendent Badge was taken by the Police Top Brass in communication with the Police Service Commission and the Human Resource Department Offices and had nothing to do with any directive from the Prime Minister or the New Team UNITY government.

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  1. Wow!.. No records, How could that be? then the person who promotes her should also be stripped for willful negligence .

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