PLP renews acquaintances at the St. Christopher Children’s Home  

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Mr Manasses Huggins, PLP Youth Arm Representative, presents two of the three trays to Ms Margaret Stevens, Administrator at the St. Christopher Children’s Home.


BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, July 17, 2017 (PLP PR Media Inc.) — This year’s Father’s Day on Sunday June 18 saw the beginning of a special relationship between the Peoples Labour Party (PLP) and the St. Christopher Children’s Home in West Basseterre, and which saw the PLP revisiting on Saturday July 15.


The National Executive of the Peoples Labour Party (PLP), led by the National Chairman Mr Warren Thompson chose Father’s Day to initiate the connection by treating the children at the home to a sumptuous lunch. The well groomed children were eager to not only enjoy the lunch but also to make friends and they did it in a special way that left the visitors stunned by the warmth of the friendship.


The PLP and its National Political Leader, Prime Minister Dr the Hon Timothy Harris recognise how difficult it is for young people to make their way in the world if they do not have the right level of care, support and guidance that is so essential to their development.


Prime Minister Harris said: “We wanted to let the children know that as a Party and as a Government we are there for them so that they can blossom into the fine young people that this our proud nation needs.”


Mr Thompson, National Chairman of the Peoples Labour Party, one of the three parties in the ruling Team Unity Administration, further added with regards to their Father’s Day visit:


“We made a special effort to visit the home so that we could remind the children that as fathers and father figures from across all of our different communities, that we represent important role models to them and that they can look to us for guidance.”


Mr Thompson explained that those children were not in a home where there was a father figure, and where they could sit at a table with a father and a mother for breakfast, lunch or dinner and the PLP chose the occasion of Father’s Day to remind the children that there are still people who care about their welfare.


The children where therefore not surprised when on Saturday July 15 they saw Mr Manasses Huggins who is one of the two PLP Youth Arm Representatives return to the home. He was one of the officials who had visited during the Father’s Day luncheon and was therefore familiar to the children who warmly welcomed him.


Mr Huggins did not come empty handed. He had three trays full of mango pastries that had been donated by two local businesses, Copy Centre and Mill Coffee House. He presented them to the Children’s Home Administrator Ms Margaret Stevens.


“The main focus behind the visit is to reinforce our commitments towards supporting the children’s home in every way that we can,” said Mr Huggins. “The last time we visited was on Father’s Day and now today. So we would like to say a special ‘thank you’ to Copy Centre and Mill Coffee House for baking these delicious mango pastries thus helping to make all this possible.”


According to Mr Huggins, the visit on Saturday July 15 was also to check on the children and see how they were doing since their last visit. He added: “At the end of the day our hope is that it brings a little extra joy into the children’s lives as they look forward to our next visit, where they should expect more assistance and support from the Youths of PLP.”


Administrator at the St. Christopher Children’s Home Ms Margaret Stevens, while receiving the pastries from Mr Huggins confirmed that the Father’s Day luncheon was lovely and the fact that the PLP official had returned to the home to bring some pies with candies donated by Copy Centre and Mill Coffee House was something the children would enjoy.


“The children were really happy after they received the Father’s Day luncheon from the Peoples Labour Party National Executive,” said Ms Stevens. “I came in late in the evening and they were quite happy and very full.”


Welcoming the Peoples Labour Party as the latest set of volunteers to the home, she advised that they have a wonderful group of volunteers mostly from the universities around the island who come on a regular basis, nearly every weekend where they spend quality time with the children.


“Our major fundraising is in October and that is how we raise 90 per cent of our funding,” said Ms Stevens. “So yes, keep the children’s home in mind, come out and join us for a family run/walk and please continue with the donations. We welcome everybody, we welcome all political parties because the children have no political affiliation they are just children of the Federation.”



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