People’s Action Movement (PAM) Held a Successful Town Hall Meeting

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(PAM COMS) Wednesday 7th February, 2018 – The People’s Action Movement (PAM) held its very first Town Hall Meeting on Tuesday 6th February. The objective of this meeting was to engage the supporters and friends of the PAM face to face. The theme “Let’s Talk” symbolized the casual setting for a friendly dialogue. This meeting was vitally important because people deserve to have their voices heard.
The meeting was hosted by the Hon. Shawn Richards, Deputy Prime Minister and Leader of the PAM, along with his full Executive. In attendance were the Hon. Vincent Byron, Attorney General, and hundreds of supporters of the PAM. The audience arrived early as they were eager to hear from their candidates and representatives. Mr. Richards’ opening remarks set the mood for the discussions. In his remarks he mentioned the Team Unity Week of Activities that will commence the week of February 15th, and highlighted some very remarkable undertakings since taking government in 2015; for example, construction of new healthcare facilities, removal of VAT on food, removal of barricades and gates at beaches, Duty-Free Concessions for New Homeowners, and more.
Mr. Richards also underscored some future plans that will commence during the year such as, the New Basseterre High School, the Multi-Purpose Centre, Universal Healthcare Insurance, among others. Mentions were made of additional houses to begin construction all around the island of St. Kitts and the development of roads and infrastructure, among other future plans.
Although there were very few concerns regarding employment, tourism and a few others, persons congratulated the PAM on the work that they are doing and gave words of encouragement to their representatives and candidates. All concerns and suggestions were taken seriously and will be addressed. The public can look forward to more of these meetings and activities in the upcoming weeks. The PAM will be hosting a series of events for all age groups, starting with a Church Service, followed by a “Women in Politics” Conference and subsequently its Youth Forum Part II and 53rd Annual Convention.

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