(PLP Release) The PLP strongly condemns the Labour Party’s cruel tactic of preying on the emotions of the most vulnerable in our society.

Labour have been caught red handed sending out false and misleading messages through Whatsapp, that seek to raise and crush the hopes of the most vulnerable.

These messages, including the private phone numbers of key PLP personnel, give people the false impression they will receive “financial assistance”.

These Whatsapp messages, are false, misleading and fake.

“Labour do not care about the pain and frustration they cause in manipulating the emotions and minds of the most vulnerable, for their own political gain.

“They take sadistic pleasure in raising and crushing their hopes and expectations.

“Labour’s inhumane tactics show they are prepared to break the hearts of the needy if they think there is a vote in it for them”.

The PLP has condemned Labour’s attempts at deception, by sending people to venues across the country with false hope.

Anyone receiving these messages should ignore them because they are untrue and another lie from Labour.

“The Labour Party have lost this election, so they return to their same old tricks and tactics.”

“This is same old Labour, ready to manipulate, intimidate, lie and deceive the most vulnerable in their desperation to return to power.

“Labour is not displaying any compassion, they don’t care about the most vulnerable and this dirty tactic proves just that.

They have proven, yet again, they cannot be trusted to protect the most vulnerable in our society.

“This is not, nor has it ever been, the PLP way.

“The PLP have real programmes that help and protect the people, like PAP, which Labour wants to end and like the Peace that Labour does not believe in.”

“Labour’s disgusting and false Whatsapp campaign shows the have nothing to offer the most vulnerable.

“Only the PLP will protect the people in our society.”


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