Kittitian US town councilor pays tribute to his mom at Council meeting

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(Randolph town councilor Ken Clifton paid tribute to his mother, Mildred Veronica Lake Brookes, after her recent passing, at the Town Council meeting.)

Though with sadness and grief, it remains my honor to pay tribute to an exceptional woman I was fortunate to call “mom.”

The mom I knew was strong and courageous, but her strength and courage were tempered by her kindness, love and her humility.

The late Mildred Veronica Lake Brookes, affectionately known as “MomBrookes,” was no ordinary woman, writes her son, Randolph town councilor Ken Clifton.

My mom, the late Mildred Veronica Lake Brookes affectionately known within her community as “MomBrookes” was no ordinary lady.  Literally singlehandedly, she raised eight children. She was a strict disciplinarian but her sternness was always softened by her love and affection.

Recently we discovered that my mom was a prolific writer and over the decades she recorded several journals of notes. In one passage she wrote “Born in Anguilla, November 7th, 1933. Came to St. Kitts with her mother at a young age. Sometime later, God has given her 8 wonderful children: 6 boys and 2 girls. Many, many grandchildren and great grandchildren. She loved her children very, very much. She loved her God. She also loved the community’s children, many of whom she raised.”

Video:Ken Clifton’s tribute to his mom.

It is often said a Mother’s heart is the child’s classroom. I thank God for the values that my mom instilled in me over the many years. My brief tribute tonight is miniscule as compared to the gratitude and love I have for her.

Our mom taught us love, patience and endurance. She would forgive us if we didn’t do well on a test, maybe? But we better not disrespect anyone, especially an elderly person.

To the world my mom was “one person” but to me, she was my world. My mom didn’t leave millions, but she left a legacy worth much more – one that is rich and pure.

My mom was a precious Gift from God. Her natural beauty, her grace, her love, her patience, her endurance touched our hearts in so many ways. On Saturday, December 19th for the last time alive, I saw her warm and gentle face. It’s a memory that will live with me forever.

In closing, I thank the literally thousands of admirers who have sent tributes to our mom. I quote Sylvester “Sacrotes” Hodge of St. Kitts, “Your mom was an iconic lady that one can never say enough of. She has been a blessing to many and an inspiration to all.” Chris Richardson of Anguilla said “Heaven has gained a precious Mother, a community builder and a neighbor extraordinaire.” The Hon. Eugene Hamilton of the St. Kitts-Nevis Gov’t said “Your mom was a towering figure in the struggle for equality and freedom for Sandy Pointers and I dare say all people.”

And so our mom heard God’s whisper calling her home but she didn’t want to leave us. Finally she gave her hand to God knowing that she had planted many trees.  We love you mom.

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