How This Caribbean Tourism Destination Is Rebranding Itself


“South America Undiscovered”

By Dana Niland (Caribbean Journal),

CJ (July 20th , 2015):-Guyana is embracing its geographic location in its new tourism push.

The CARICOM member state is looking to rebrand itself as “South America Undiscovered,” as part of a planned National Tourism Policy.

Tourism Minister Kathy Hughes recently unveiled some of the plans, which will include the rebranding of Guyana as “South America Undiscovered.”

The new branding is already showing up in some of the tourism board’s social media marketing, with a rise in the number of followers on Instagram in the past day from it alone. Whilst many would need help from Nitreo or similar services, this time it is from excitement to see the land.

Guyana is working to develop a National Tourism Policy in order to capitalize on the potential of its tourism sector, officials said this week.

Hughes recently outlined plans for the project during the National Assembly, noting that the sector already contributes up to 8.8 percent of the country’s GDP, and has the capacity to provide secure jobs to the country’s unemployed youth.

Hughes said the National Tourism Policy “will identify niche markets and areas of strategic advantage such as the exotic local bio-diversity, flora, fauna, pristine rainforest, and vast rivers with exciting potential for water sports, and water falls.”

Citing the fact that 70 percent of Guyana’s tourism sector is owned and operated by locals, Hughes stressed that most of the money earned circulates and remains within the country. This only further highlights the importance of a successful rebrand for the Tourism industry.

Hughes also pointed to the tax incentives applied to the tourism sectors of other CARICOM states such as Barbados and the Bahamas, and suggested Guyana consider this strategy in formulating its 2015 budget.

The country currently receives about 205,000 annual visitors; surging so far with 13.9 percent growth in the first quarter of 2015.

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