Hon. Akilah Byron-Nisbett Makes Loud Appeal “St Kitts and Nevis …..STOP THE VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN !!!!”

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Stop The Violence-Sen Akilah Nisbet-Byron

From The Desk Of Hon. Akilah Byron- Nisbett , 


The very tragic loss of two promising young women today has brought back into focus the debilitating effects of Domestic Violence in our family life, community life, our country as a whole. 

When will it end, how can it end. We need to teach our young men that disputes can be dealt with without violence. We need to teach our young men that they can simply walk away from a situation that pushes them to anger. We need to teach our young people on a whole about TOLERANCE!

We need to tell them that we won’t always agree but that’s ok. We need to tell them about respect for each other, respect for differences, respect for WOMEN!

We continue to see and hear of a rise in Domestic Violence, crimes against women and as a mother with a young daughter these acts of violence against women frustrates me, angers me, SCARES me! 

Parents we need to begin to look at the environments we expose our children too from the time they are born. Be mindful of what we expose them to whether on television or through social interactions. Exposure to violence breathes violence. Protect them from exposure to violence from very early ages so that it does not become a norm that leads to them becoming violent or accepting violence as a way of life.

We need to train our young boys from early that they should NEVER hit a woman! We need to tell them that there is absolutely no reason that can cause them to raise a hand at a WOMAN. We need to teach them to be tolerant to respect women so that violence would not even cross their minds. 

We all have our part play! We can reverse this trend but it begins by speaking out against violence, breaking the silence, saying no to domestic violence in all forms.

We are angry and disturbed and we should be but let us turn those feelings of disgust into action that will drastically reduce in hopes of completely eliminating domestic violence and violence against women once and for all. 

Rest In Peace Jimmyliah and Nyomi. May God grant peace to the grieving families left to mourn the two sisters.

#BreaktheSilence #EndDomesticViolence#EndViolenceAgainstWomen


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