Explorer Ventures Returns To World Tourism Awards Best Dive Destination St. Kitts

By Sam Helmy

Explorer Ventures Fleet Adds Ships To Red Sea, Maldives

Explorer Ventures has announced that it is finally returning to the beautiful waters of St. Kitts.

The move comes in the wake of the government of St. Kitts announcing that it is lifting all travel restrictions for vaccinated and un-vaccinated travelers. Both can now enter the island without any restrictions or testing requirements.

The move happened on August 15th, when the government lifted all restrictions, so there is no need to show proof of vaccination or even proof of a negative test. On August 22nd, Caribbean Explorer II returned to the waters of St Kitts.

According to Clay McCardell, the President of Explorer Ventures:

“We’re overjoyed that St Kitts has finally reopened. This has been the longest time that we have been away from diving in the area. It’s great to get back to St Kitt’s huge variety of dive sites and a favorite itinerary of repeat clientele. It’s been my personal favorite route since the 1980’s and is the last link in finally returning to normal operations in all 8 of our destinations.”

You can find out more about explorer ventures here, or check out a video of the Caribbean Explorer II below.

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