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By: Dr Charles Warner

The year 2020, especially in the last three quarters, has been an unusual and deeply challenging one.  However, the leadership of this country has protected and supported the people in a highly commendable, scientific and medical manner.  The Prime Minister’s Motto, “Lives Before Livelihood” is profound.  Yet every effort is going on to make sure that in these difficult times our people can put food on the table.

The latest announcement by the prime minister is that the Stimulus Package will go into the first six months of 2021, ie down to June.  In all this there are some who will never be satisfied, some who are listening to an Opposition that made St. Kitts and Nevis bankrupt.  Bankrupt, but never having any challenge of the order of magnitude as this seismic COVID-19 pandemic.

But when our people are grumbling and expressing dissatisfaction, while presidents and prime ministers are getting COVID-19, the ordinary Joe and Jollies in St. Kitts and Nevis, remain COVID-19 Free and can walk from mountain to sea.  While we are enjoying freedom Germany is facing a lock down.

In the UK, Boris Johnson got COVID-19, in Brazil Bolsonaro got COVID-19, and in the USA President Trump got COVID-19.  The latest leader to get the COVID-19 is Monsieur Macron of France.

Because of the effort of Team Unity, guided by the health officials, there has been no community spread in the Federation.  Thus the ordinary people on Main Street are enjoying a freedom that even the top World leaders cannot, without being infected by the COVID-19.

This tells the tale of the superb job done by the Team Unity government.  A job, many people in other places, wish for.  So far, we knock wood, there has been no community spread in the Federation.  All the cases have been “imported” into St. Kitts and Nevis.

It seems as if a person will have to travel to get it.  But, our people are wise enough to, as Jamaicans say “Tan a dey Yard”.  That tunnel of confinement and restriction established by the COVID Team is highly effective and along with the quarantine period of 2 weeks, has been keeping the COVID-19 confined, not out in the community.  So while Prime Ministers, Presidents and Kings are getting COVID-19 our people in the villages are free of the COVID-19.  Of course our guard is not to fall but we keep vigilant, careful and follow the established protocols.

Thus as we go into this Christmas period our people need to be thankful and follow instructions.  There may not be many people flying into St. Kitts and Nevis this season as we will have to keep our “Carnival” at home on the “Randah”.

That being so we will emerge in January 2021 without the COVID-19 plaguing our people.  This is usually the Flu season and another lesson will be taught to those who want to learn.  The mask will prove Its effectiveness.

It is postulated that the Flu season will not be as active as in the past.  The same mask that works against COVID-19 will be effective against the common flu.  This should tell all those who are fussing over the mask that they are grossly failing to get the proper understanding.

All the reason why we need to listen and follow the simple guidelines.

The point is that while Kings, Prime Ministers and Presidents are getting COVID-19, the Team Unity government has been very effective in protecting us the ordinary people from the COVID-19 virus.

A happy Christmas to All and let us all do not drop our guard and be foolishly obdurate.  Once we do as told we would be in a better position in the coming 2021.

We must do some things right because so far, no deaths, no hospitalisation, no community spread.  Fact is we are doing better than Kings, Presidents and Prime Ministers.  Let us count our Blessings.

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