The ‘Don’t Waste Barbados’ (DWB) initiative has caught the interest of several countries
throughout the Caribbean region since launching in September 2021.
The Solid Waste Management Corporation recently invited the DWB team to visit the
Federation of St.Kitts and Nevis to discuss how St.Kitts could benefit from a similar project for
a National Anti-littering campaign.

Representatives from DWB visited St.Kitts for a three-day discovery meeting to learn firsthand
the challenges experienced throughout the Federation related to littering and broader
environmental concerns.
While in St. Kitts, the team met with the Hon. Eugene Hamilton – Minister of Human
Settlement, National Health Insurance, Social Security, Ecclesiastical Affairs, Social
Development and Gender Affairs, Mr. Ivan Hanley- Chairman of the Solid Waste
Management Corporation (SWMC), and senior officials from the SWMC.
During the visit, the DWB team also engaged in talks with Open Interactive, a full-service
creative and advertising agency based in St.Kitts to discuss communications methodology
and the process for creating the most impactful campaigns that will resonate with residents
and visitors to St. Kitts.

Founder of Don’t Waste Barbados, Anthony Da Silva, highlighted that the work
executed by the DWB team is driven by a collective need to change behaviours that
help to keep our island home clean and the environment protected. “I am pleased
that the value of our efforts in Barbados have been recognised regionally and the
opportunity for our team to meet with the Government of St Kitts and Nevis and other
key stakeholders, I am looking forward to seeing this project launched in the
Communications Specialist with DWB, Janelle Edwards said, ‘I am excited about the
possibilities of a regional roll out, and the opportunity to make a presentation in St.Kitts
has set a precedent. During our discovery sessions, it was clear that the people of
St.Kitts were proud of their environment and wanted to reinforce their strong
environmental values through a national initiative.

About Don’t Waste Barbados.
Don’t Waste Barbados is a national anti-littering movement that’s pro-Barbados.
Powered by the first corporate early adopter, the Innotech Group of companies, the
ultimate goal of this initiative, according to founder Anthony Da Silva, is to make
Barbados a cleaner place “for the good of us all” and instill positive habits that are
sustainable for future generations. In addition to Innotech, other corporate supporters
have joined this national endeavor. Together, we are a team of dedicated individuals
and patriotic companies that strive to make Barbados as beautiful as it can be.

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