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The Dr. Denzil Douglas Dominican Passport dual citizenship saga continues as the St.Kitts-Nevis Opposition Labour Party Leader is refusing  to provide his Dominica passport to the High Court so that the passport pages can be noted by the Judge.
The latest machinations by the ousted former St.Kitts-Nevis Prime Minister has many wondering how much lower will he  stoop to cover up his ties to Dominica.
Dr  Douglas first came out in October of 2017 accusing the Hon. PM Dr Timothy Harris of slandering him by exposing his foreign Dominica passport which lists him as a citizen of Dominica. He gave PM Harris 48 hours to apologize and take back his comments otherwise he would be suing PM Harris for slander. 
Many  took Dr. Douglas at his word and for weeks, many persons  took to the airwaves stating that the allegation was slanderous. A bogus passport photo of PM Harris was even doctored by persons who tried to fabricate a story that PM Harris held a foreign passport and not Douglas. At least two online websites ended up publicly apologizing to PM Harris and removing the bogus photo from their pages. Until now, Douglas has failed to file any suit against  PM Harris for slander as he promised.
After misleading his  followers and the country  for  months, Douglas finally publicly admitted for the first time that he in fact holds a diplomatic passport from a foreign country. He then said that it was offered to him by a Prime Minister of another country and he accepted.
The world subsequently  learnt that Douglas personally filled out an application form and submitted it in order to get a Dominican diplomatic passport. 
Almost three months after he was shown to travel from St. Kitts using his foreign passport, Douglas is now denying that he ever travelled from St Kitts using his foreign passport.
How can we trust this man?
If that was not enough, as indicated earlier, Douglas is now refusing to provide his Dominica passport to the High Court so that the passport pages can be noted by the Judge.
After finally admitting that he applied for the Dominica passport, and admitting that he traveled on the Dominica passport, and admitting that the passport lists him as a citizen of Dominica, Douglas is now saying it is not relevant for the Court to view his passport and the passport pages. In other words, it is none of the Court’s business!
Where is the transparency from Denzil Douglas? Why is he keeping his passport from the Judge?
If Dr. Douglas really has nothing to hide, and if he really did not travel from St. Kitts with his foreign passport, why not reveal his foreign passport to the Judge so that he can prove that he really did not travel on it? Doesn’t he want to clear his name and put the case to rest? What is Douglas so afraid that the country and the world will find out?
If Douglas wants the world  to believe he has no allegiance to a foreign nation, He must put all his cards on the table and stop playing with one hand underneath the table. Look at where ducking and dodging the Courts has gotten him thus far. 
Let us see all the passport pages if he really has nothing to hide. It is time for some transparency from Dr. Denzil Douglas.

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