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Mrs Olvis Dyer

Olvis Magdalene Jeffers began to teach at the Charlestown Girls School in 1957 at the age of sixteen (16). She taught all the classes, from Kindergarten (commonly called Junior Standard), to Grade Seven (known as Standard Seven). Her tenure there lasted seventeen (17) years, during which time she married James Dyer. This union took place in 1967
She was then transferred to the Charlestown Secondary School, and taught Remedials. There were four (4) classes, some of which were sent to the primary school in Brown Hill (today called the Ivor Walters Primary School) for more comfort, as the space in Charlestown was cramped There was one (1) teacher per class. As the students in Mrs. Dyer’s class improved, they were returned to the Charlestown Secondary School and placed in Form Three. Eventually, some of those students were able to attain the level of Sixth Form.
Mrs. Dyer left Remedials to attend college in St. Kitts for two (2) years. During this time, wooden classrooms were built, which provided the accommodation for all the classes on the grounds of the Charlestown Secondary School.
Towards the end of the school term, a teacher close by hinted to her that she would be transferred to the Gingerland Primary School (now the Joycelyn Liburd Primary School) as Head Teacher. Although she did not believe this, given that only four (4) more years remained before her retirement from the service, so it was that this was announced to her by the Head Teacher of the school at that time. She began to serve in this post at the start of the new term, and continued there for the next four (4) years, retiring as a school principal in the summer of 1997. This ended the forty-one (41) year teaching career of Mrs. Olvis Magdalene Dyer.
Sunday School Teacher
At the request of Pastor Phillip Martin of Jessups, and under the recommendation of the mother of Pastor Eversley Pemberton, Mrs. Dyer gladly began to teach Sunday School in the Mount Lily and Fountain areas, riding her bicycle from Jessups to Fountain and down to Mount Lily every Sunday afternoon. When he was told by Mrs. Dyer that her roll was forty (40), Pastor Martin decided that it was time to start a church. Therefore, after Sunday School, Mrs. Dyer would combine the Sunday School with the congregation from Jessups and have open air services. The Fountain New Testament Church, dedicated by Pastor Achille Heyliger on the 27dl October, 1968, has continued to strive under the leadership of Pastor Eversley Pemberton and Mrs. Althea Jones, and is now in its forty-ninth (49th) years


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