Antigua: Tsunami warning is a ‘hoax’


Climatologist Dale Destin says the only thing the country is experiencing is high surfs which has caused flooding in some areas.

“There is no tsunami bulletin in effect for Antigua. There are no known significant earthquakes that have happened in the past 24 hours and you need an earthquake to generate a tsunami,” Destin says.

The climatologist says only Antigua’s officials can issue a tsunami warning or watch for Antigua, and that is done through the met office. For that reason, he says, “I can categorically dismiss whatever reports are going around as a hoax.”

The met office official says malicious people are sending out messages on social media that the island is facing a tsunami.

“Be mindful of others who are just trying to cause unnecessary distress and worries. Seemingly, they’re using the high seas, the high surfs and large swells as an excuse to cause some amount of havoc across the region. But this is just a malicious message and I know sometimes it is hard to tell whether or not these message are malicious or for real,” he adds.

For the past two days the rumour of the tsunami have been making the rounds. And, in recent weeks, there have been reports of high surfs in the seas.

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