(St. Kitts and Nevis): Mr. Nubian Greaux, the People’s Labour Party candidate for Central Basseterre, recently outlined some of the areas he intends to focus on in his community should he assume office following the upcoming National Assembly Elections.

Mr. Greaux, while a guest on WINN’s ‘Voices’ talk show on Monday, July 11, 2022, explained his plans for Central Basseterre.

“On the campaign trail, a lot of questions have been asked mainly because of my track record of service in the community…They are saying, ‘Nubian, when you win, we need to know that you have our backs and you can deliver on these specific issues.

Housing is one of those issues that we have been asked about and having an engineering background, and because of the scarcity of land, and sometimes the unavailability of funds to construct houses, we told them that we are going to do apartment buildings where we could build vertically and deal with the unavailability of lands and funds, and maximize and do more energy-efficient buildings,” Mr. Greaux said.

He added: “what we want to do is a rent-to-own system where after 15 or 20 years you could actually own the property. You would start your asset profile early…so that is how we plan to address housing.”

Mr. Greaux also spoke about job creation in Central Basseterre noting that efforts would be made to encourage youth involvement in agriculture as well as exploring the marijuana industry.

Recent polls have seen Greaux surge to the front of the pack in Central as his positive polling number have now surpassed his opponents from both the SKNLP and the PAM. Greaux is now ahead of Marsha Henderson by some 11 percentage points and ahead of PAMs Jonel Powell by 14% points .

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