Acclaimed Kittitian Physician, Scientist , Author and Former Politician Dr. Allan Somersall is Dead

Dr. Allan Somersall, PhD, MD
Allan Somersall

Dr. Allan Somersall, PhD, MD

St.Kitts-Nevis National ,  renowned physician, scientist, author and motivational speaker Allan C. Somersall, M.D., Ph.D. has passed away.
Dr. Somersall was a very popular lecturer on nutrition and medicine and an outspoken advocate for supplementation and lifestyle medicine.

Dr. Somersall has a very interesting and accomplished resume, holding both a M.D. and a Ph.D in chemistry.
Dr Allan, ‘Hamskin’ Somersall as he was known during his schoolboy days in St.Kitts was described as a “bona fide scholar” who came from a family of brilliant people. Both his parents were School Principals and his late brothers Terry and Morley were recognized as exemplary professionals in their own right. Terry was an acclaimed economist living in Barbados and Morley was a doctor who worked at the Tropical disease center in Atlanta before moving to NY and opening his practice.

Dr. Somersall was a former People’s Action Movement Candidate in the 1980 St.Kitts-Nevis General Elections where he lost 822 to 736 votes to then Premier and Labour Party Leader Lee L Moore.
Somersall studied at the Universities of London, Pennsylvania and Toronto, earning doctorates in both science and medicine. A practicing physician, for two decades he has been at the interface of nutrition and medicine. He has traveled the world promoting health responsibility and disease prevention.

Dr. Somersall was a medical advisor for Stemtech International, a pioneer in the field of stem cell nutrition as well as a author of his most recent book, “The Amazing Power of Stem Cell Nutrition”.
He has authored five books on natural health subjects and successful living and has both authored and co-authored a number of original peer-reviewed publications.
A Renaissance Physician with a Focus on Health in the 21st Century Dr. Somersall was a mainstream practitioner, that addressed contemporary lifestyle issues such as nutrition and supplementation, complementary medicine, positive mental attitude, air and water pollution. “No chain is stronger than its weakest link, and that’s true in the maintenance of good health, Somersall often pointed out. “Each component is a personal choice and every choice is rewarded … sooner or later,” Somersall often stated.

former gg and dr somersall

Former St.Kitts-Nevis Governor-General Sir Cuthbert Sebastian and Dr Allan Somersall

Dr. Somersall had lived in Canada since he matriculated at the University of Toronto in the 70’s.

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