5 Countries Who Might Legalize Cannabis In 2021

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The legalization of Cannabis is not only a trending topic in America but also a hot topic worldwide. Most of the strong nations of the world are looking forward to legalizing this herb. In October 2018, after America, Canada became the second country to legalize Cannabis for its recreational purposes. In the United States of America alone, 33 states have legalized Cannabis for medical uses, and ten states have legalized it for recreational purposes. Now that it has achieved legal status, prospective business owners would look to set up their ventures to sell the greens. But as it falls under a high-risk business category, they would need to work towards a secure payment system that could help them in their financial transactions. A prudent option might be to get in touch with service providers who can provide credit card processing for companies in the high risk categories.

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While some countries think of making it legal for medical benefits, others contemplate its legalization for recreational uses. With legalization, people would be able to buy CBD products like Sunday Scaries CBD from legal dispensaries or online platforms. All these countries have specific reasons behind their step towards marijuana legalization. Following is a list of countries that are likely to legalize in 2021.

  1. Switzerland

Switzerland is only of those few countries that have a strong likelihood of Cannabis legalization. In 2019, the Federal Commission for Addiction Issues (FCAI) published three reports regarding the legalization. The reports include “Cannabis: knowledge updates 2019”, “Cannabis policy: the questions no one asks,” and “International Review of cannabis regulatory models.” Their reports portrayed the risks of consuming Cannabis that were researched by scientists. The results highlighted less to nil health damage and showed that the main risk and damage in the products of Cannabis is in the high levels of THC. This led to the launch of measures for risk minimization and prevention. Their objective behind it is to safeguard the Cannabis consumers. The Federal Commission for Addiction Issues (FCAI) suggests three things to safeguard the citizens of the country and especially the youth –

  • The decriminalization and legalization of Cannabis
  • The farming of Cannabis should be allowed in a managed environment, in a balanced market.
  • Establishment of measures for reduction in damage and risks.
  • Croatia

Croatia is the first country from the European Union to consider the legalization of Cannabis for recreational purposes. Since 2013, a small amount of Cannabis intake is already decriminalizing in Croatia. However, cultivating or selling the herb is still considered illegal in the country. If a person cultivates or sells the plant, it can lead to imprisonment of a minimum of three years.

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Croatian politician Mirela Holy earlier launched a new bill that enables adults to cultivate up to 9 female plants high in THC. According to the political leader, Cannabis is much less addictive than substances like alcohol or nicotine. In 2015, Croatia legalized Cannabis for medical purposes, particularly to treat AIDS, cancer, and multiple sclerosis. So Croatia is already half ahead to become the first Cannabis legalized country in Europe.

  • Brazil

Brazil is another country that is most likely to legalize Cannabis. The lawmakers of Brazil did accept the regulations regarding the medical usage of Cannabis. However, according to the new rules, Brazil’s citizens are not allowed to grow cannabis plants. Therefore, they can import medical products of Cannabis. According to the New Frontier Data research, around 3.4 million patients in Brazil require cannabis products for medical purposes. This is a new program the government will conduct as a trial for three years. It will also be published in Brazil’s official journal, and after 90 days of publication, the program will be officially in effect. Patients can purchase medical cannabis products from registered and licensed pharmacies.

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  • Nepal

Nepal is another country to consider the legalization of Cannabis. In February 2020, Nepal’s communist party established new regulations regarding the legalization of Cannabis. Community party member, Khatiwada said that the growth of Cannabis would be much better in Nepal’s climate and soil and that it would highly benefit the agricultural industry. He further added that cannabis legalization would also help the poor farmers, and as the western world has also lifted the ban, Nepal should end its prohibition. This would not only be beneficial for the country from a financial perspective but also medically, as cannabis can be used to treat a few ailments. Furthermore, cannabis could be exported to countries where recreational use is legal, such as using dry vapes (to know more about dry vaporizers, click https://marketbusinessnews.com/marijuana-market-why-have-dry-herb-vaporizers-taken-over/267337/ ) and eating edibles. Anyways, the lawmakers do not yet take measures as the decision requires acceptance by the Parliament. However, with 46 communist party members supporting the legalization, Nepal would soon join the list of legal countries.

  • France

The process of introducing new laws in Europe regarding medical and recreational Cannabis is a little slow. The reason behind this is the existence of several smaller countries in Europe. Some of these countries are taking the first steps towards the legalization of marijuana, and France is one. Emmanuel Macron, the president of France, has put an end to the sentences for cannabis crime. He stated that France would introduce new laws in the country, legalizing Cannabis.

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Even though it has become a norm to use Cannabis for medical purposes, the legalization of Cannabis for recreational purposes might still take some time. There are high chances of these five countries to enter the marijuana market this year. Many countries will soon step towards legalization, and fortunately, the world would understand the power of the cannabis plant.

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